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claimhim's Journal

Male Claims
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This is a claiming community for you to claim your favorite Male celebrity. It can be a singer,athlete,writer,dancer,actor,or model. Please be sure to read the rules below.

Claiming Info

1 claim - You get one claim just for joining the community.
2 claims - You get 2 claims when you add your claims to your userinfo and link back to this community (one claim for joining and then an extra one for linking back)
1 extra claim - You get one one claim for every person you refer to this community. They must state your username and that you refered them. If they do not then you do not recieve your extra claim.

The Rules

1. Please remember to check the claims list before making a claim. Make sure who you want to claim is not already claimed by another user. There are no sharing claims!

2. Do not comment to an entry with a claim unless stated otherwise. There will be times when I make an annoucements for free claims so it is recommended that you watch the community. Also if you comment with a claim it will be ignored and deleted.

3. Please put "My Guy" in the subject line when making a claim so I know you read the rules. If you do not your request will be ignored.

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